We have developed two tech-based solutions directed to increase the level of digitalization of the grid and the empowerment of users:

Demand Management and Response

Connection, Digitalization and Automation of Electric Assets and Loads

Our Technology Developments

Patent-Pending Tech



Cloud-based platform developed to connect and aggregate appliances and electronic devices



We have developed our own proprietary AI and ML models and algorithms for increasing the efficiency, sustainability, and operability of electric assets (Behind the Meter)

Digitalization of Refrigeration Equipment

By applying our technology we digitalize and automate refrigeration equipment in order to turn them into virtual thermal batteries and new sources of revenue

If you have experience and knowledge in the fields of Machine Learning, IoT, AI, Renewable Energy, or Energy Efficiency and want to be part of our team, ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡get in touch with us !!!! 

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