It is time to change the way users interact and consume electricity

The exponential population growth concentrated in urban areas within cities drives up electricity demand needed for carrying out commercial, industrial and residential activities, and as a consequence, these cause a negative impact on the environment due to the increase of Green House Gas Emissions (GHG).

VirtualEL is a technology-based company whose main objective is to catalyze the digitalization and adoption of Smart Grids mostly in developing countries, in order to increase energy efficiency and sustainability of the Electric Power Industry at the distribution, management, and consumption level by empowering and engaging, Residential and Small Commercial Users.


At VirtualEL we empower and support electricity users to consume energy in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Predictions Models and Automation

IoT (Internet of Things): We Connect and Digitalize Electric Assets

Platform For Internet of Energy


VirtualEL looks to position itself as a world leader in the electric power industry, demand aggregator, and a creator of innovative solutions directed to "Behind the Meter" demand management and virtual energy storage. 

Residential, Small Commercial Demand Aggregator, Promoter for User Engagement

Internet of Energy Platform


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