How Does it Work

Step 1: Purchase Our Plugatt Plug

Buy our Plugatt Plug from any of our authorized distributors and distribution channels

Step 2: Connect your Plugatt Plug to your Refrigerator, AC, E-bike or Scooter

Just plug it into the wall outlet, and then connect your appliance or electric device to it, to your Wifi and you are almost done

Step 3: Confirm the Type of Appliance or Electric Device Connected by Using Our App and Click on Activate

Our AI automated system will confirm if the device you have connected meet the requirements to get rewards and incentives, after that ... ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡you can start earning and spending !!!


Domestic and Commercial Refrigerators

E-bike, Scooter

Air Conditioner


Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Earn Extra Cash and Rewards From Your Appliances and Electric Devices

Become a Member of The VirtualEL Tech-Sustainable Community

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